A celebration for the future

We are opening the grandest student-driven innovation house the world has ever seen! A house for students, by students.

We want you, our fellow students, to take co-ownership of our 4000m2 newly renovated building and show the world what students are capable of – and what better place to do this than in a former police station, transformed by a group of dedicated students?
Join us in the opening celebration when we kick in the doors from the 19th. to 23rd. of October. We have put together an opening program for you to pick and choose from – go nuts and join the events sparking your interest!

october, 2020

Ready To Shape The
Future Together?

Station is the new cross-disciplinary playground fostering student innovation – here, all students are welcome. Are you a university student, a university college student, or a young professional with a curious mind and a hunger for change? Then Station is for you!

The 100-year-old police station has been transformed into a student-driven innovation house. Students create sustainable changes in society through engagement and innovation in collaboration with various actors within society.
The grand opening of the house manifests Station as a lighthouse for students’ innovation power in collaboration with a crowd of student organizations.

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