Opening Partnership

To collaborate with impact driven students and foster sustainable impact with the next generation of innovation.

Stay a front runner in the long run.
Alone you go faster but in collaboration we get further. We tailor collaborations that enables innovative and sustainable impact in line with your strategy to further the impact of your organisation and bridging to the next generation.
Cases, workshops, sprints, hackathons, events and projects.
In these we experiment with forefront methods and teachings. Experience we have built up with pilot projects over the past 5 years include prize-winning community building (Rising Star of the year – Greentech Berlin) and innovation and leadership teachings (Danish Design award for Better Learning).
Read more about our award-winning activities and projects
Long term programs and communities.
We enable you to break down the silo-thinking by exposing it to our ecosystem of students, student organisations, researchers, innovation hubs and NGOs.
An outstanding ecosystem
In which we together can shape the innovators of tomorrow. In 10 years a measurable amount of your workforce might have been involved with us.

Workshops in the opening year

Workshops, sprints, or programs can be held in the opening year as an opening partner at Station. A professional secretariat assists in tailoring these events to best include the community and advance your desired outcome.

Exposure as ‘Opening Partner’

Exposure at events, programs as well as in publications and on material both physical and online. Exposure of partner events & programs to a university wide student base.

Opening Partner Baseline

What we offer as basics when you partner with us

Innovation Summit 2021

A grand Innovation Summit will take place every year following the opening year at which projects, partners and programs convene to showcase the endeavours of the year and connect.

Can Student Driven Projects be Professionally Executed?

We let the numbers speak



are our volunteers representing 7 educational institutions and 12 nationalities



have participated in activities at Station


Activities held

together with committed partners from the local and global ecosystem



Involved and connected to the project and ecosystem



Raised by students to realize visionary endeavours


100-year old antique police station being transformed to innovation powerhouse

Meet those who already believe in us...

Founding Partners

Foundations that have been essential to the initial development of the organisation and activities

Otto Mønsteds Fond

Building Partners

Foundations and institutions that have made the transformation of the policestation possible

Weiman fonden
Augustinus Fonden
Knud Højgaards Fond
Frederiksberg fonden

Collaboration Partners

Partners we are collaborating and have collaborated on projects and programs with

DANSIC Student & Innovation House

Ecosystem Partners

Partners we are connected with