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Can you believe it? 2019 has already passed and a new year is standing in front of us. A new calendar ready to be filled with new projects, great events and new memories to be made.

2019 has been a good year in Student & Innovation House with a lot of great achievements and awesome projects being concluded. We’ve made a list of highlights here.

Just to mention a few of the highlights we have:

  1. Started rebuilding the policestation
  2. Moved into Bloxhub and back into our containers
  3. Received a Danish Design Award 
  4. Participated in SLUSH-week in Finland
  5. Been nominated for a Green Award
  6. Hosted a Festival for The Global Goals
  7. Did a total of 89 events across all signature activities
  8. Got halfway in rebuilding the policestation
  9. Millennial was interviewed in Wired Magazine
  10. Started our first Erasmus+ project in partnership with Stable Foundation and London College of Communication
  11. Had guests from all over the world to be inspired by our house.
  12. Celebrated our first team of Sustainability Influencers
  13. Kick-started Game Syndicate with more than  100 attendees and events in Copenhagen and Odense.
  14. Student & Innovation House Board Anne-Marie Engtoft was featured in Børsen
  15. Created our Friends With Benefits Newsletter
  16. Hosted an awesome container-warming
  17. Been in touch with more than 30 studentorganizations’
  18. Participated in the first Co-design Your Place workshop in Poland
  19. Been nominated at Green Awards in Berlin
  20. Spent 9.850 DKK on coffee for staff, meetings and partners.

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